Project Consulting

Project Consulting

SPA offers comprehensive consulting services to various State & Central Government bodies, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and Private corporates in terms of financial structuring, bid process management, tender document creation, DPR preparation and Project management Services (PMS).

Key Sectors

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Aquaculture

Urban Infrastructure

Smart Cities, Slum Rehabilitation, Housing, Water Supply, Sewage & Solid Waste Management

Energy & Environment

Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development


Roads, Highways, Seaways, Ports


Latest Innovations and Inventions

Growth Entities

Startups, MSMEs, Stressed Assets

Scope of Services

  • STRATEGY Risk Simulated Demand Estimation and Activity Mix Positioning
  • STRUCTURE Project, Capital and Institutional Structuring
  • MOBILIZE Placing an Optimal Consortium for a Project and Financial Closure

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